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Gregory B. Williams Biography

Author, Gregory B. Williams is President of All Things All People Publishing and a dynamic motivational speaker. He is a single father currently living in Greensboro North Carolina with his three sons William Lee (24), Charles Royce (15), and Preston Gregory (9). Gregory also has two step children D’Mil, and Brittany that lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a loving and involved father that believes in being an intricate part of all his children’s lives and development.

Since 1990 Gregory worked as a design engineer for all three of the Major American Automotive Manufacturers, as a consultant. He also did work for several Major Japanese, and British Automotive Manufacturers. Gregory’s diverse work experiences specializes him in the field of design and engineering. He’s considered to be one of the best in his field, and his services are heavily sought after.

Gregory lived a comfortable life in the suburbs of Detroit raising his autistic teenaged son alone as a single parent. That was all threatening to change March 3rd, 2000. Gregory B. Williams found himself trapped in the middle of the war on drugs in his home town of Cincinnati, Ohio. Facing an eight year mandatory prison sentence, threatened to take his life in a direction that he, nor anyone that knew him ever expected. He was ultimately sentenced and was sent off to serve his prison sentence September 25th of that same year.

Gregory spent his time in prison reflecting on the life he led prior to his arrest, and realizing where he went wrong. It then became his mission to ensure that he never puts himself and his family through such senseless drama again. He started immediately, while in prison, to turn his life around and regain the respect and moral high ground he was once known for. He earned a national certification which allowed him to tutor reading and math to fellow inmates working to obtain their GED’s. Several inmates obtained GED’s during the short time they worked with Gregory.

Today, Gregory B. Williams is the nationally recognized motivational speaker, and author of a bestselling series of novels, titled Brotherwood, Solomon’s Quest and Inside the Belly of the Whale. With an average 4.5 stars rating, each book depicts the real life story of Mr. Williams and the events that led to his involvement in the drug trade, including his subsequent arrest for possession of over 50 pounds of marijuana.